Introducing SecurTRAK

SecurTRAK is a family of Real-time Locating System (RTLS) products that use Active RFID technology to track people and assets in real time across whole campuses — indoors and outdoors. SecurTRAK uses an innovative blend of three distinct RTLS technologies on a single infrastructure to provide the unprecedented accuracy and reliability needed to ensure the safety of patients and staff anywhere on campus.  It can also be customized to your specific operational requirements.

The SecurTRAK Product Family

Three seamless RFID technologies on a 'single' CAT6 Cable

The SecurTRAK family of products use a unique blend of three RTLS technologies, combined with MGM's patented triangulation, Intelligent Boundary Recognition (IBR), and Vector maps, to meet the unprecedented accuracy and reliability demands required for patient and staff safety applications and desired for asset tracking.

SecurTRAK provides a multitude of Use Cases but the most popular include prevention of at-risk patient elopement, wireless staff duress, web based asset tracking, and solutions that minimize workflow bottlenecks and maximize space utilization.

All SecurTRAK technologies and Use Cases operate over a single infrastructure that provides significant savings given the multitude of products that can be activated on this infrastructure.

SecurTRAK has over 15 years proven accuracy, reliability and flexibility in all types of healthcare and secure government facilities. 

SecurTRAK Three technologies working seamlessly together


Instantly detect tags at portals to activate rules based mechanisms to protect patients (lock doors, lock elevator cabs, and activate CCTV cameras).


Locates tags to room and bed-level accuracy, within 1 meter.  Excellent for doing time chronology studies related to tracking patients and staff in real-time to optimize workflow, space planning, and space utilization.


Blankets whole campus to prevent dead zones. This lower frequency reliably penetrates even the densest of walls to accurately triangulate tag locations indoors to an accuracy of 3 meters and line-of-sight outdoors.  Much more reliable th

SecurTRAK Solutions Deliver

Real-Time High Level Accuracy


Customization for Facility Needs

Single Infrastructure

Cost Savings/operational efficiency

Improved patient and employee experience

Your Needs Met


We provide a team approach that includes input from all stakeholders in your organization


We are sensitive to the unique culture and organizational characteristics of your organization, and we deliver a structured system for ongoing upgrades based on user feedback


We understand that no technology solution can be successful without gaining buy-in across the organization, and can integrate support for change management and process improvement into our implementation and sustainment services as needed.

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About Us

MGM Computer Systems, Inc., founded in 1987, has developed and deployed customizable Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) for tracking personnel and assets, as well as wearable emergency alert systems, utilizing active RFID technology.