How It Helps

High-Level Accuracy

Locates people and equipment within three meters, regardless of physical environment

Cuts crisis response times

Saves funds through efficiencies in proper tracking of equipment and inventory

No power outage worries and impervious to compromised servers

No dead zones or blind spot

Includes tamper notifications on all devices

Seamless integration with hospital IT systems and maintains data integrity



Customized to unique and aging infrastructure

Aligned to patient and personnel privacy rights and regulations

Customizable for individual deparment and facility needs

Application Programmer Interfaces use accurate data in other systems

What Our Clients Most Value from SecurTRAK's Solutions

  • Hardwired system avoids failure from hacking or loss of power
  • Initial installation supports add-on, supplemental protections
  • Funds saved through efficiencies in operations and tracking
  • Facility stands ready for JCAHO inspections with easy location system
  • Continuously uploads intelligent tag location to reduce over-purchasing
  • SecurTRAK is an easy-to-use system promotes early adoption by staff