The Elpas Low Frequency (LF) Exciter from Visonic Technologies is a supervised, short-range, UHF emitter that adds pin-point detection functionality to any Elpas safety, security or monitoring installation.

The LF Exciter is engineered to emit spherical, low-power electromagnetic fields (125 KHz) of up to 3 m (10 ft) in radius. These harmless LF fields are user-adjustable, so that they can be tuned to precisely cover most indoor doorways or entrance/exit areas. So, whenever an individual or asset bearing an Elpas active RFID tag enters the electromagnetic field generated by the exciter, the mobile tag is prompted to transmit its pre-programmed data messages (including the exciter’s Neuron ID). The messages are instantly detected by the Elpas RF reader infrastructure and are locally processed and/or relayed over the LonTalk network to the EIRIS server machine in support of the configured Elpas application.

The LF Exciter also includes an onboard UHF (433.92 MHz) transmitter, which continuously broadcasts real- time device supervision alert messages for keeping repair personnel informed of possible maintenance issues related to the device.

Architecturally attractive and unobtrusive, the Elpas LF Exciter is easily surface-mounted on solid walls and ceilings or flush-mounted into dropped (false) ceilings. The exciter is deployable as a standalone device, designed to cover normal interior single or double doorways or in a flexible master–slave configuration suitable for coverage in large, open indoor spaces.

Product Features

  • Unobtrusive, streamlined tamper-resistant design
  • Quick-connect power and data interfaces
  • Adjustable magnetic field of up to 3m (10ft) radius
  • Master-slave configuration for large area coverage
  • Efficient onboard circuitry; reduces power consumption
  • RF range up to 20m (65.5ft), 360° coverage area
  • Unique location indication using internal ID code
  • Onboard supervisory message transmitter

Applications and Uses

  • Patient identification
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Infant protection (Elpas BabyMatchTM)
  • Wandering patient supervision
  • Entrance- and exit-based alarming
  • Asset management and loss prevention
  • Artwork and museums
  • Guards and security personnel safety