Introducing PanicALERT

PanicALERT is an RFID based Personnel Duress System designed to meet the needs of hospitals, universities, government facilities and large private office complexes where the security of employees, visitors etc is an issue.

PanicALERT instantly notifies security when a tagged individual is in distress. Both the name and or picture of the individual requiring assistance and their precise location are transmitted to security within seconds of a button-push. Options include paging of on patrol security staff and video interface.

PanicALERT is operational, both indoors and outside and thus is most effective on large campuses and within large office buildings and hospitals.

Personal Safety at the Push of a Button

PanicALERT offers mobile and wireless protection and instantly notifies security when a tagged individual is in distress on the hospital campus.


  • Movement tracking
  • Activates other security apparatus—doors & cameras (proactive CCTV)
  • Customized set up for HR compliance
  • Life-saving technology
  • Offsite protection available via smartphone

PanicALERT Benefits

  • Keeps staff confident in their safety net
  • Faster & more effective rescue operations
  • Confines the threat, creates investigative trail
  • Adheres to workforce and other labor agreements
  • Provides assurance to family that loved ones are working in a safety conscious facility which is priceless.