Introducing PatienTRAK

Traditional elopement systems that monitor at-risk patients are limited to notifications for staff when a monitored patient or resident comes into proximity of an area of egress. PatienTRAK vastly enhances this functionality with real time, layered monitoring and alerting based on the clinical needs (room level, unity level, facility level), and integrates with other building systems such as doors, elevators, and camera systems. Taken together, PatienTRAK seamlessly integrates with a patient’s or resident’s care plan in a manner that enhances patient or resident autonomy and quality of life while not sacrificing peace of mind for families and caregivers.


Protections for Patient Wandering & Elopement

PatienTRAK tracks patients 24/7 anywhere on the hospital campus.


  • Automatic CCTV activation
  • Breach notification escalation
  • Alerts are cleared with simple button press on staff badge
  • Filtered by Ward or Zone
  • Suspend alerts and automatic reactivation as patient returns to ward

PatienTRAK Benefits

  • Increased system security
  • Dramatically reduce 1:1 patient monitoring costs
  • Know where patients are at all times indoors and outdoors
  • Badge Tamper
  • Elevator locks if patient enters cab - unlocks automatically as they exit
  • Patients filtered to zones
  • Continuously prepared for JCAHO and other reviews