The SecurTRAK family of products use a unique blend of three Active RFID technologies to accurately locate people and things across multiple floors and buildings on large and small campuses – indoors and outdoors.

A family of RFID locating systems developed by MGM

  • PanicALERT
  • PatienTRAK
  • AsseTRAK

PanicALERT is an RFID based Personnel Duress System designed to meet the needs of hospitals, universities, government facilities and large private office complexes where the security of employees, visitors etc is an issue.

PanicALERT instantly notifies security when a tagged individual is in distress. Both the name and or picture of the individual requiring assistance and their precise location are transmitted to security within seconds of a button-push. Options include paging of on patrol security staff and video interface.

PanicALERT is operational, both indoors and outside and thus is most effective on large campuses and within large office buildings and hospitals.

Traditional elopement systems that monitor at-risk patients are limited to notifications for staff when a monitored patient or resident comes into proximity of an area of egress. PatienTRAK vastly enhances this functionality with real time, layered monitoring and alerting based on the clinical needs (room level, unity level, facility level), and integrates with other building systems such as doors, elevators, and camera systems. Taken together, PatienTRAK seamlessly integrates with a patient’s or resident’s care plan in a manner that enhances patient or resident autonomy and quality of life while not sacrificing peace of mind for families and caregivers.

AsseTRAK locates critical equipment and other assets in seconds. This has the same functionality as all of the other applications, and additionally, the Unique Equipment ID information (tag ID), real-time location, and time chronology can be passed to an Asset Management system. This is most useful in protecting against asset shrinkage, inter-departmental equipment lease sharing, equipment certification, asset utilization, etc. Each asset tag has a tamper sensor that detects when an attempt is made to remove the tag from an asset, and a motion sensor that detects when an asset is in motion.

AsseTRAK can operate on its own, or with other SecurTRAK systems such as PanicALERT and PatienTRAK.